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Author Topic: Kai'ley  (Read 3201 times)


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« on: May 20, 2013, 10:26:32 AM »

I was already invited in-game to the group, but I figured I should toss one of these up anyway for good measure!

1. What is the name and class of your main?
Kai'ley: a dirty, sneaky, self-centered Gunslinger with a bad habit of nice things for good people.

1b. What game will you be playing?  (ie. AO, Vanguard, etc).

2. Please list the names and classes of your alts, if you have none please skip this question. (Oh lordy.)
Qaale, Jedi Shadow
Cahdi, Jedi Sentinel
Karkai, Sith Warrior
Chiyeko, Sniper Agent
Starglare, Mercenary
And likely a Jedi Sage in the VERY near future, once I decide on species.

3. Do you intend to bring all your alts to our guild if your application is accepted?
Well, the ones that can anyway, I don't see why not! Those red-side buggers are gonna have to sit all lonely I suppose!

4. To your knowledge do you have a bad reputation with any particular guild? If so please explain.
Bahahahaha! Yes. One which I believe went defunct due to terrible, self-centered leadership. Well, and the fact that game shut down. The Dread Aces, in City of Heroes.

The story goes (if my memory isn't too hazy), we were waiting to fully form a group for a difficult mission, and the last person to join us was to be one of the guild officers Who was taking their time. As in, after telling us they'd be right there, we were waiting around half an hour or so. As far as we knew, they were just messing around on alts (logging on and off on different ones), something they could have done at any time. In any case! This wasn't the first time said person had done this (making a group wait an excessive amount of time after committing), and I finally spoke up out of frustration. They really need to get their act together, feels like there's no respect for their fellow members, it feels very self-centered, etc. The person was added to the group mid-rant, was filled in by the group leader on what I had said, and I was basically painted as a criminal for smack-talking a guild officer.

Now I'm not typically one to jump right to pointing fingers or anything, but there was definitely a lot of butt-kissing and sucking-up-to in this group LONG before this incident. As far as I'm aware I was the only person to finally speak up about the disrespect and I got the boot because of it. Ended up being voted out of the group (one of the votes being from a friend of mine, who had complained about this before to me as well, and I would have thought had my back on it), and that was that. To be honest, after the initial shock and frustration I was rather relieved. That particular group's community was rather toxic. This was a younger me, and I'm not claiming to be completely in the right (far from it, I'm sure some of the things weren't said in the most diplomatic way possible), but it sure was bad times!

Now if you want to hear about an AWESOME group, you should ask me about the Teen Phalanx! They're fantastic people and I love 'em!

5. How did you hear about 3305 Local?
I believe it was from... Nakirra? I'm terrible at remembering names. I was running around Ord Mantell and there was a bunch of chatter in general about Cathar and litter boxes and catnip and whatnot. We were commenting back and forth, and then it turned into whispers, and then I found them by the fort and sat down. Had a nice discussion lasting about... half an hour I suppose? Then as I got up to start leveling again, they asked if I wanted to join. I said yes, they switched to another char, and that was that!

6. Do you know any members of 3305 Local that can vouch for your character?
I hope I have the right person when I said Nakirra!

7. Have you ever been a member of 3305 Local before on any toon, account, or other MMO?

8. Did you have any questions about our Code of Conduct?
Yes, where'd it run off to? I think it's hiding somewhere!

9. Are you willing to share items and help out your fellow guild members?
You kidding? Of course! Hell, on more than one occasion I've driven myself poor because of handing things out that I probably should have just sold.

10. What are your areas of interest, what would you like to be doing as a part of the org?
I can do raid stuff if a spot needs filling, but I've never been a big fan of the pressure regularly. I can do PvP, but it's never been my favorite pastime either! I'm more than willing to run heroic quests and dungeons with people if I'm around when you are! And dailies too, though not as likely I'll do them by myself.

11. What area or timezone (EU, US-EST, US-CST, etc.) are you in and when do you typically play (GMT times preferred)?
US-West, California.
I generally sleep between 2AM and 10AM my time, so 9AM-5PM GMT. Other than that, my attendance will likely be random, due to working retail hours and having other engagements. I should be on at least for a little while most days though!

12. Tell us a little about yourself!
Oh lordy, that's asking for a WORLD of trouble!

I'm 25 and a shut-in. I work retail specifically to try and force myself out into public where I can interact with other people, because I know it's not very healthy to sit in the dark alone. I'm encouraging my roommate to do the same, but the guy loves his WoW! Which I pay for. I'm a horrible enabler.

I'm ADD. A spaz-head. I have a very short attention span. I had a staring contest with a goldfish once, it won.

I'm a roleplayer, though it's mostly casual nowadays. If we count offline stuff, I've been roleplaying since I was 3. In my younger years I used to pretend I was a pokemon. No fooling. If we count online, I started roleplaying with the VERY small community that did so in Diablo 2. I then moved on to Guild Wars 1, then City of Heroes. Then WoW, then City of Heroes again. Then Champions Online, then City of Heroes. Then Rift, then City of Heroes. Seeing a pattern here?

Due to being a long-time roleplayer, I tend to build personalities for every character in my head regardless of whether I actually RP them out with other people or not. It affects their builds (I rarely cookie-cutter or us the popular setup), how I play them, and often times even how I talk to other people in chat. Don't be surprised if I act a bit differently from character to character. I swear, I'm only a little bit insane!

I also enjoy writing (if that wasn't apparent by my long-windedness here), as well as debates and some politics. I enjoy controversial topics that often times can hit someone's soft spot, but if someone speaks up and mentions that they aren't enjoying the topic, I'll certainly stop! Common sparked rants include how US culture is backwards from the rest of the world as it encourages war and violence but shuns sexual content ("Oh, I can't have little Billy play that game, there are women in bikinis riding motorcycles! I'll just pick up the new Deathslayer 666"), as well as religious debates (I often take the side of disproving religion, despite being from a Christian family myself. Because I'm weird like that). I like to think that I'm good at seeing both sides of an issue, but also enjoy playing devil's advocate.

I feel confident in saying that I've beta-tested every MMO (and many online ARPGs and MOBAs) since Guild Wars 1. I really am quite proud of that. And that includes actual testing and feedback/bug reporting, not just playing!

I have the collector's edition for most MMOs that have been released as well. You should see my statue collection. Someday I may actually get around to taking a picture!

I used to work at a local Gamestop as the assistant manager, and was there for about 5 years of my life. Despite leaving over a year ago, I STILL have people recognizing me on the street and asking about so-and-so game!
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Re: Kai'ley
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2013, 11:26:23 AM »

Welcome! ;)

"I aim to misbehave."


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Re: Kai'ley
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2013, 10:54:43 AM »

Welcome to 3305! Feel free to contact myself (Awe'some in game) or any other officer if you have any issues.

Hope to see you in game! :D :D

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Re: Kai'ley
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2013, 10:56:27 AM »

I also adjusted your rank on the forums so you can now see the SWToR section, which is called The New Cantina!

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Re: Kai'ley
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2013, 05:42:15 AM »

Welcome.  And, trust me, you are not all that insane.  Especially when comparing yourself to many members of this guild (me in particular).  LOL
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