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Good evening all,
as the ESO beta gets into full swing, with an announced release date of April 4, 2014, how many of you are planning on playing? Should we open a new forum for ESO and prepare for guilding?

Let us know.

-- Aahz

More info can be found at  - for those of you who have no idea what it is...

It looks like the next Vanguard type game... :)

I've been keeping my eye on it.  I really enjoyed Skyrim and am hoping they do a good job translating it to an MMO.  Haven't received a beta invite yet though :(.

I'm probably going to skip ESO.
I can't justify the monthly $15. As much as i like Tamriel and it's lore, this just doesn't 'grab' me.

If I would have participated in a beta, I couldn't tell youfor reasons that would be obvious to most on these forums. I'm not as hopeful as Nidrew though. Imho, it's very hard to make an Elder Scrolls MMO. Elder Scrolls games where always about the lone hero, the once-in-a-lifetime agent of destiny. A server full of them would really break immersion.

Plus, I don't think the great difference in price and content between the standard and the deluxe edition of the game is going to help either. Basically, you have to pay 25 dollars/Euro to be able to play as an Imperial and/or to craft Imperial gear. It's the kind of B.S. you previously only saw in F2P games. Only this time it's a P2P game. And at a price of 55 Euro + monthly fee for the standard version, a pretty expensive one at that.

edit: because my memory was not as good as I thought it was


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