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I played this game when it first came out and didn't care for it much.  Stopped playing.  I didn't even remember the account name I created.  Warframe was supposed to fail.

After seeing several recent articles from different sources about it's second wind, and some boredom, I tried it out again.  Like the people writing these articles I also seemed to have gotten in to the game.

A lot more to do and strive to do.  The missions are fast paced, which is good cause you do need to do a lot of them to get items needed for crafting.  Need a steady flow of new weapons, tools, and companions (which are craftable) to keep getting XP for your Master Ranks. These items you use and craft top out at level 30.  You stop gaining xp for your master rank because these items are now maxed and not getting more xp.  So need a constant flow of new stuff to keep leveling your MR.  Master Rank is what you need to keep leveling in the game.  Maxing out the level on weapons and frames is nothing.  Those levels maxed just means you are not getting any new MR xp.

Also there is a mission board that constantly post new !Alerts which are missions on different worlds that have special rewards sometimes associated with them or "Mods" (think of a card collection model) to add to your weapons, companions, and frames.  These pop up missions usually run between 30 and 60 minutes and then disappear from the Alert board.  I've gotten Mods, Blueprints, Credits, etc from running these.

The clan Dojo needs to be built and you need materials collected from around the game to craft different rooms and placeable items in the Dojo.  Ghost of the items can be placed and members can approach the ghosted item and donate materials to the completion of those items.  There is a Clan rank that lets that rank place Dojo items, but anyone at any rank can place donated materials in to the item.  Once the item has all the materials needed it will start crafting it (usually 12 or 24 hours for most items).

There are Story chain missions you can run, mission to unlock pathways to new planets, Missions to scan and store all the different people, items, and things in the game.

There are more things you can do as well, but you can see there is a lot to do within the game now.

All for free.  You can pay to gain xp and credits quicker, but you dont need to.  You can collect everything within the game, even Platinum, which is the games purchase with $ credits.  There are several money systems in the game.  Credits, Endo, and Platinum.  Again all of these can be obtained for free by running missions.  You do not have to pay for anything unless you want to speed things along.

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention my findings here in case anyone else might be interested.

Like you I had played for a while long ago. I didn't care for it either. There are a lot of games in my backlog but I'll keep it in mind if I don't feel like playing playing the games currently on my list.

Agreed! My story is almost identical as far as trying it back when...

I'm sure I'll be logging into this game more and more over the next few months. It's really taken off!

I tried getting back into it about a month ago.
I don't know what it is, but I'm just super "meh" on it.

I've got 3500 hours in this, and enjoy this game.  However, with that said, I think it is just too time consuming. I've quit playing multiple times for this reason, and do not currently play even though there is a lot of new content.


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