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Ok, I am as guilty as anyone of not being an active member since the demise of AO and VG. I think part of the problem is that we have splintered into too many games, too many genres and we are trying to keep it all under a single umbrella. Also many of us do not have time to manage the guild.

I'm thinking we may need to modernize our collaboration tools - Forum, Website, etc. I can still host whatever solutions we need but I think us older Locals need to ask for motivated younger Locals to step up and keep us fresh and relevant.

I'd like to solicit your opinions on how we can improve our services and become a shining beacon for a multi-decade gaming guild.

I am a Systems Administrator and have skills in Virtual Machines, Networking, Windows Server & Linux OS's and programming/scripting. At present we have two Hypervisors and I am planning on adding a third with more capacity that the current two.

Your thoughts? Any volunteers?



I think that's all a great idea.
And would LOVE to see some fresh faces.

Aside from the game spread, I think another issue is that the nature of online communication has shifted greatly. Forums as a whole have sort of been replaced by social media sites (reddit, facebook) or discord. I think discord is really the big one for gaming right now because it makes it easy to join multiple gaming communities with 1 userid, and works well with mobile. Maybe there are more popular communication methods coming up, but I'm not clued in to them. While forums have their advantages, they really feel like a relic of old internet.


We have a discord, and a reddit, and a facebook page, and we have a chatroom/forum on RSI's SPECTRUM as well.

They're all dead.

I prefer forums but like you say, they seem to be going away.


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