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Author Topic: A bit about us!  (Read 5826 times)


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A bit about us!
« on: September 01, 2009, 02:56:25 AM »

**** Under Construction ****


This post is here to provide a bit of background as to the origins of 3305 Local and to explain a bit about who we are.

3305 Local was formed in 2001 in the MMO Anarchy Online.   It started out as 6 players who wanted a guild that they could call their own.  Half of the original members are still here today!   

Where did you ever get a name like "3305 Local"??
In Anarchy Online there is a great battle being fought between the oppressive Omni-Tek corporation that runs the planet and owns its resources, and the local clans who inhabit it.  Omni-Tek used the locals to mine Notum from huge underground mines and with the advent of ressurection technology, they started working people literally to death.  At first some small uprisings began, quickly quashed by Omni-Tek's brutal security forces but a large underground movement to unionize the mines started taking hold.  Eventually many unions formed including 3305 Local and though they were somewhat disorganised and were being hunted and killed by Omni-Tek at every turn, they were able to foment a successful civil war on Rubi-Ka freeing themselves and future generations from becoming little more than slaves.  3305 Local is proud to be one of the unions that started it all, here for each other, standing strong and making a new beginning, literally - "From the Ground Up!"

What's so special about 3305?
Through the years, we have drifted from the world of Anarchy Online and begun guilds in different games.  Unlike other game guilds, we didn't simply vanish - in fact we've never been stronger!  We have guild members that don't play games right now, but still connect with us on a daily basis.  Why is that, you might ask?  Good question!  I think it has to do with the respect we show each other, the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, the democratic spirit of the guild and of course for the "LOL" threadSimply put, we are a family!
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Re: A bit about us!
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2009, 04:14:00 PM »

I'm going to leave this thread open for our members to post their own history with 3305 Local!

I'll even start!

It was six years ago in Anarchy Online...

Two weeks before, Zedar had left a guild where nobody played and he was always alone.  I went to the guild "Storm" after finally meeting the minimum level requirement thinking about how great this "uber" guild was!  Supposedly Storm was the end-all guild that everyone aspired to join 'cause they did all the coolest things, had all the great phat items, and were always bragging about themselves.  

Once I joined them though, things took an ugly turn.  The people in guild chat were rude and obnoxious.  One of my first teams with them, we ended up steamrolling another group of players by sheer numbers and stole a boss mob that they had been working hard to get.  I thought to myself "It may have been an accident, I'll give them one more shot."  The next team I got with them, we went to go kill a boss mob that I needed for a quest.  When I arrived, I was asked to wait.  So, I did... for over an hour.  Then all of a sudden, they started killing the mob - without me in team!  When I protested they said that I hadn't done enough with the guild to be considered a part of the team yet.  pfft!  They just wanted the loot.  So much for that!  I left the guild 5 minutes later.  

After about a week of not logging in since I was so pissed, I teamed up with members of another guild, one that I had seen around but knew nothing about except they had a weird name - 3305 Local.   I became friends with one of their players and after awhile I decided to give them a shot, even though I was wary of joining another guild.  In the weeks that followed, I was amazed at how decent people were treated and how much members would go out of their way to help each other out.  It was what I had imagined a guild was supposed to be like!  There were, to be sure, some moments of drama on guildchat, some that I didn't even understand being the new guy, and I was amazed at the patience and respect that people showed - even to the guy who was acting like a retard.  

Within a few months I found myself wanting to give back a little, so I spoke to the guild officers and asked what I could do to help out the guild that helped me out so much and made me feel so welcome.   They had need for a recruitment officer and after being voted on while I nervously waited, I was promoted and became a proud officer of the guild!  Over the years, I've kinda sorta taken over... all the while not really meaning too, but I love the guild so when I see something that needs to be done - well, I just do it!   I still maintain that Fayelure is the real guild president though!  Over the past few years I've seen 2 real-life marriages in the guild from members who met while playing, several real-life get-togethers and I even won a wall-size photo-quality map of Rubi-Ka that came Fed-Ex to my door!  This guild never ceases to amaze me!
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Re: A bit about us!
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2009, 11:18:11 AM »

3305 grows on you.

A genuine atmosphere of comeradeship, mutual respect and a shared passion for gaming is what 3305 represents for me. We can tell you all about it, but rather we invite you to experience it. In game and on our forums.

As to my own experience, I could have never imagined that meeting Tricia50 (our founder) in Opposing Force all those years ago (2001) would have led to banding together for 8 years and many years yet to come. Sure we've had our share of drama and I've seen just about all of it in one role or another (from member to guild leader and vice versa), but the pull of friends in the 3305 community has never been stronger.

We have had many great leaders since her, but the way we are today is largely due to her guiding principles. One of them is that every member is in position to take initiative and lead (though never at expense of others). All of this leads to a trust between members that really shows in our teamwork.

I have fond memories of guild walks from north to south on Rubi-Ka led by Svenbeowulfe, the PvP show off in Meetmedere led by 'LD' Darkmenace, the protests marches in Omni-1, building our first guild hall in SWG (within a month of launch), and proud of our accomplishments in creating a Tier 3 city in AoC (EM). But most of all the sharing of items, knowledge and friendship that has grown from playing games together.

My current main interest for our community is to build a strong chapter in Star Wars: The Old Republic, if this is a game you would like to play then check out our dedicated forum.

Voidlox' personal motto for 3305: building the best teams, from the ground, up!
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