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How to become a member of 3305 Local:

1) Fill out an application!  You can fill out the application by copy/pasting our forum application into a new post or you can fill out an online application here!  Online applications will be posted as soon as practically possible, though sometimes it takes a day or two.

2) Contact a guild recruiter in-game.  You can find a current list of recruiters here.

3) In keeping with the democratic nature of our guild, we do a vote on each new applicant.  Typically it will be concluded in 10-14 days, and once that's complete you will be given full member status and forum access.  You'll also be eligible to get your own 3305 Local email box and will have the ability to vote on new members and other polls.   During this period we ask that our applicants be active in-game so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us! 

4) If you are already a member and simply starting a character in another game, you need not apply.  Just contact a recruiter and tell them who you are - once you're a member in one game we play - you're a member for all!


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