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3305 Local Application Form


To apply to become a member of 3305 Local please do the following:

1. Highlight and copy the following questionnaire.
2. Open a new thread with the name of your main toon as the title.
3. Paste the questionnaire into the body of the text and go through
and answer the questions.

***In the subject line of your application please post name of the toon(s) you are applying for***

1. What is the name and class of your main?

1b. What game will you be playing?  (ie. AO, Vanguard, etc).

2. Please list the names and classes of your alts, if you have none please skip this question.

3. Do you intend to bring all your alts to our guild if your application is accepted?

4. To your knowledge do you have a bad reputation with any particular guild? If so please explain.

5. How did you hear about 3305 Local?

6. Do you know any members of 3305 Local that can vouch for your character?

7. Have you ever been a member of 3305 Local before on any toon, account, or other MMO?

8. Did you have any questions about our Code of Conduct?

9. Are you willing to share items and help out your fellow guild members?

10. What are your areas of interest, what would you like to be doing as a part of the org?

11. What area or timezone (EU, US-EST, US-CST, etc.) are you in and when do you typically play (GMT times preferred)?

12. Tell us a little about yourself!


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