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The following is a list of information - where you can find us and who you can contact in-game to find out more information or to get a guild invite!

Anarchy Online
Name: 3305 Local
Server: Atlantean (RK-1)
Faction: Clan
Recruitment/Contact: illblastjoo, Cmpkilyrslf

Age of Conan
Name: 3305 Local
Server: Wiccana
Recruitment/Contact: Faris, Kismat, Octavius, Lorgus

World of Warcraft
Name: Knights of Rubi-Ka
Server: Hydraxis
Faction: Alliance
Recruitment/Contact: Vanex, Cmpkilyrslf, Gadgeckus

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Name: Tibanna Miners Union
Guild Status: Active
Server: The Ebon Hawk
Faction: Republic
Recruitment/Contact: Krustyleet87, Nidrew, Zedar, Van'ex

Star Trek Online
Name: 3305 Local
Guild Status: Active!
Server: N/A
Faction: Federation
Recruitment/Contact: @starbasePrime, @svenny, @carupt, @nidrew, @barel

Name: 3305 Local
Contact: Longscope

Star Citizen
Name: 3305 Local, Industrial Mining and Shipping
Tag: 3305
Status: Active Arena, Pending for Persistent Universe release
Contact: Longscope

Also we need to update the status and contacts for a few of these. Mark some inactive games.

This needs updating.

Can delete Vanguard.


--- Quote from: Nidrew on August 08, 2014, 03:35:34 PM ---Can delete Vanguard.

--- End quote ---

Deleted...  we should really just re-do this whole post with current information. 


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