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NDA's & 3305 Local


I see some of our members are moving towards a few up and coming games that are approaching (or are already in) beta. In light of that I would like to take a moment to mention what an NDA is and how you should treat it.

NDA is an acronym for a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This means that the makers of the program do not want ANY of the details to be released to the public at this time. When a program is in beta it is unfinished and may have a lot of debug code/logging running in the background. It is also usually VERY buggy. If you do not understand and agree with this you should not be a beta tester. Becoming a beta tester to "try it out for free" (with the exception of stress testing in the final stage of beta) is wrong - You are supposed to e there to help make the game better.

An NDA is a contract you sign with the company producing the game. This is a legal and binding contract and you can be held accountable if you break the contract. To that end our policy here is to remove any posts that may violate a standing NDA agreement. Obvious and intentional violations of an NDA will force 3305 moderators to take actions to protect the guild legally.

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